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Celebrated Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe once summed up his countrymen’s entrenched cynicism when it comes to corrupt politicians.

“Tell them that this man had used his position to enrich himself,” he wrote in “A Man of the People.” “And they would ask you – as my father did – if you thought a sensible man would spit out the juicy morsel that good fortune placed in his mouth.”

Many Nigerians hope Saturday’s presidential election will bring a break from their country’s corrupt past and usher into power a true “man of the people.” If nothing else, it’s a milestone for democracy, the first time one elected leader will hand over power to another in a country plagued by military rule and dictators since independence from Britain in 1960.

“We need a change in our country. We need tomorrow to be better than today,” said Jimmy Etaki, a 32-year-old construction worker. “We only need our leaders to have the fear of God. For them, it’s money, money, money. They don’t think of the citizens, but if they fear God, maybe we can have change.” Read the Full Story Here

“I thought this article was interesting because it has to do with leadership. Are we leading for ourselves and the benefits we can gain from it or are we leading for the good of the people we are serving? One of the great things about a large number of Nigerians is they realize that unless their leaders fear God and lead out of service to the people, they are doomed to failure as a nation. I wish that more of us as Americans realized this.

If Nigeria can’t pull it together then what hope does the rest of Africa have? May God give them a leader with a heart after Himself who will bring true Godly reformation and change to their country. And may God continue to raise up men of God from Nigeria to bless the continent of Africa and the nations!


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