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Well folks, it’s been crazy the last day or so, but we finally have all 400+ shoes packed and ready to go. 100+ are already in Guate. Much thanks to all of the team that made this packing “party” happen. Megan Smith is my hero of the day. She is the shoe queen. Much thanks also to the Ziner family. 6 of them will be on the trip and they have tirelessly opened their home to the team. Great job helping out girls. Megan, Aimee, JP, Olivia, Charyl, Erin, and Daniel you are the greatest shoe packers this side of the Mississippi. Well boys and girls 3:30 am will come TOO soon. We will talk with you all again when we land in the largest city in Central America. Pastors Troy and Penny, we will see you Monday! Please keep us in your prayers all this week. We need your help!


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