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Before I tell you about the day at the Festival, the message, the medical clinics, and the great fun everyone had with the games, I have to tell you that before the night was over it rained hard on the dirt field where we were staged. I mean it was a deluge… a flood! We were all soaked. I was in dress clothes…soaked! The team look like a herd of wet rats with smiles on their faces. After a scorching hot day, it was refreshing.

The miracle is that it should have rained alot sooner than it did. Olan asked Jose, “How long do you thing we have”? ’35 minutes tops’, he replied. “When does Pastor John speak”? ‘Two hours.” God held the rain all the way through the altar call for salvation and a little beyond. When it was time to give away the last prizes the heavens broke and rain came down!

Hang in there with me. I am going to keep backing up. The day went great. We had free food, free medical and dental clinics, bouncy games for the kids, the shoes, and live Christian enertainment all day long. We had DJ’s, rappers, the best kid’s ministers in Guatemala, dancers, worship teams, and more! The momentum build all the way up until the point where Jose and I took the stage to preach the Gospel.

My message was from Deut 30. I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing…CHOOSE Life. Jose and I flowed exceptionally well together and God had captured the attention of all the people present. My voiced boomed over the city as I held nothing back. I contrasted The thief, Satan who comes to kill, steel, and destroy with Jesus, who has come to give them life and life to the fullest. Choose violence, cursing, addiction, etc and you choose Satan and hell. Choose Jesus and you choose freedom, joy, purpose, destiny, eternal life etc… I warned many people that they don’t have tomorrow. Ít’s not promised. Now is the time of salvation. I preached the cross and the resurrection of Jesus. God was moving. Jose was weeping. “God is here Pastor John. God is here for the people.”

When we gave the altar call people many came forward and the team began to pray and minister over each one. I prayed for healing and deliverance for the crowd and the sprinkles began to fall. We finshed the night with powerful energetic performance by a famous Guatemalan Christian band ironically named, Lluvias Tardia, or Latter Rain. After a couple of sets, the rain began to come down. Most of the crowd, especially the young people, stayed up front and bounced up and down to the music as they got soaked. Jose was throwing t-shits into the audience and getting everyone pumped!

After awhile the rain really began to come down…hard. People scattered and ran for cover. Mallory said, “God is watering the seeds that were planted today.” Aimee said, “God is making sure people get baptized!”

As Sky and I helped tear down equipment; we were soaked and there was mud everywhere, Olan turns to us and in a North Carolina drawl reminisces on my Dr. Peter’s story and says, “That’s missionary life. That’s missionary life” We laughed and praised God for the end of a great trip. To Him be all of the Glory!


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