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Hi Folks,



Jacqueline and I just made it back from Orlando. We had a great time of relaxation at the Grand Floridian just outside of Disney. My company, the Hendrick Group, held their annual President’s Club Awards Trip where they recognized the “best of the best” in sales. I was blessed to be a new member of the club this year and also a part of the Rookie Club since this was my first year with the company.
Did you know that Hendrick Motorsports is the winningest team in all of sports? They just announced…over 150 wins together as a team…Wow! It’s great to work for a winning company.
I have to tell you, looking back over the last year, I know that everything I did was by the grace of God! Granted I work hard at what I do, but to have a young family, volunteer at the church, work the long hours of the sales industry, and keep it all together…it has to be God! Most of the other guys at the event have been at this thing alot longer than I have. They have grown kids and are working on retiring. I am just getting started! Most of the other younger guys that were there were either not married, had no children, or had no life outside of the dealership.
I give credit to anyone who lasts more than 6 months in intense straight commission jobs. It’s tough mentally and can be tough on the family. But all thanks be to God who gives me grace and mercy in this season of life to come out on top. Without Him, I can do nothing! But through Him, I can “do all things well.”
Well, the feasting and fame is over. I am looking forward to leading our FHC missions team to Guatemala this coming April. It’s time to fast! Help me Lord! 🙂
I hope to post more pictures soon. Love yall!

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