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Well the moment is now here people. We have been preparing as a team for months and now we are ready to ship out…all 28 of us…Moms, Dads, Kids, Teachers, Preachers, Businessmen, College Students, first time explorers and old pros. What a crew!
On Sunday morning at 0 dark thirty we will be hitting the airport with massive amounts of luggage, 500 pairs of shoes for the kids, and a boat load of smiles to start the mission that God has given us.

Our hosts, mi hermano, Jose Armas, and his team at Hope for Guatemala have been losing sleep in anticipation of our visit and we will all be glad when we are finally together. Much thanks to all of you who have supported the team with your prayers, finances, and encouragement!
Once we are on the ground, we will be helping to feed and minister to over 150 kids a day, we are also holding a three day blowout soccer camp for the local teens, painting Bible verses and cartoon characters on the walls of a local elemetary school (yes a public school…this aint America- we can actually do this without being sued), preaching at local churches, ministering house to house in the “worse part of Guatemala City” and topping it all off with an all day crazy big festival called the “Hope Festival” right smack dab in the middle of town. There will be free food, free medical clinics, the shoes for the kids thanks to our partnership with Samaritan’s Feet, Spanish singers and bands, inflatables, and of course, the Good News of Jesus Christ covering everything! At the end of the night, I will give the message of salvation to the people of Zone 18 as my team ministers in the crowd.
Each day I am going to attempt to blog our journey so that you can come along for the ride and keep us in prayer. Are you ready? Then let’s do this! Let the countdown begin!


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