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You may have heard the scripture that speaks about us beholding the Lord and being changed into His image from one new revelation to the next, but many of us don’t realize that if we “behold” other people, many times we become like them.

Why is this important?

As believers, we can behold different aspects of the the Lord through his people. Each person in the Body of Christ has been given different giftings. And each one has different experiences that have made them who they are today.

If you can find someone who is doing what you feel called to do in God; if they have found the right balance between their calling and their family life; if they have overcome the very obstacles that now stand in your way to getting you to the place that you feel that God is calling you; then it would be wise to “behold” their way of life.

Learn from their mistakes and their victories. If you can see someone else doing what you want to do-maybe even where you would like to do it, you can see the possibilities of what God is calling you to do and become what you behold.


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