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A Response to: What Happened to Brownsville’s Fire?  By J. Lee Grady


God is still moving through many of the people who have been affected by the Brownsville or Pensacola revival.

They are the “nameless, faceless” ones who are plowing, sowing, and reaping in harvest fields around the world.

God gave us a great gift when He visited Pensacola the way He did back then. It’s up to us what kind of legacy we leave.

If we did not move on with God, then we were bound to be hurt. We had the choice whether or not we would be offended by a whole host of things.

Secondly, Revival is not about the place…Pensacola….the building….Brownsville Assembly; it’s about the people.  Millions were were touched by God in this place.

We have moved into the places God has prepared for us, not with allegiance to a building or a place, but to the call of God on our lives.

In this sense, the revival does continue on and may continue this way until Jesus returns. It continues through many people, like me.


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